The Principles of Orthopaedodontics

This one-day course in the principles of orthopaedodontics, will enrich your knowledge on facial growth, enlighten you on the Modern challenges in nutrition and the effect on facial growth. We will show you valuable techniques with fixed appliances and teach you how to improve your patient’s overall health, breathing, growth and wellbeing. You will be granted 5 CEU’s and an Opportunity to be entered into a comprehensive training program in fixed orthopaedodontics. This one-day seminar will forever change the way you see orthodontics.

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Orthopaedodontics: The 4 Dimensions of Success

The Orthologics course, Orthopaedodontics, The 4 dimensions of Success, is a 6-month course for dentists focusing on fixed Orthopaedics and Orthodontics. It includes online theory modules, Hands-on training, clinical days, 5 Patient case submissions, and ongoing support. Successful completion will grant you 34 ceu’s (including 2 ethics points) and certification as an Orthologics affiliate. Topics covered include facial growth, patient management and fixed orthodontics for both phases of treatment.

After affiliation with us, you will be able to manage and finish Your own cases with the advice and support from our team and experience life changing results beyond your wildest imagination.

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