Phase 1 | Online

This Online Seminar will change your view on Fixed Orthodontics forever. The sound principles instructed in this course for correcting Dento-facial Malocclusions will teach you the “secrets” and unveil the mysteries of 4-Dimensional Orthopaedodontics in a simplified way. Understanding and applying these healthy techniques will empower you to build your practice on satisfied patients and parents. The conventional alternative of extraction-orthodontics is losing the battle against this growth-management approach.

Meet the Pioneers in the field and see the aim of the treatment. Learn the different Patient Demographics and how to utilize Cephalometric Tracings effectively.


1  Orthopaedics vs. Orthodontics.
2  Who needs Orthopaedodontics.
3  Negative effects of mouth breathing.
4  The perfect time to intercept.
5  Lateral-and PA Ceph tracings.

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A brief overview of Applied Embryology and Stem Cells. Learn Orthodontic Terminology and become aware of Industry Myths.


1  Maxillary- vs. Mandibulary Bone.
2  The Importance of Stem Cells.
3  Dental Occlusion.
4  Orthodontic Terminology.
5  Facial Growth.
6  Industry Myths.

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Introducing the Appliances and how to use them. Learn the principles of successful Orthopaedodontics.


1  Fixed Orthopaedic Appliances.
2  Dynamics between the Appliances.
3  The Segmenting Principle
4  Space creation and reconsolidation.
5  When to progress to Phase 2

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Phase 2 | Online

Learn how to restore your patients Skeletal-and Dental Malocclusions with fixed appliances and enjoy the added benefits of their breathing- and growth corrections alike. Be the saviour of their smiles and restorer of their health in a natural way without the hassles of removable appliances, unnecessary extractions and relying on surgery for Maxillo-mandibular corrections.

An overview of the protocol on approaching the Mixed Dentition vs. the Permanent Dentition and their interaction.


1  Approaching Mixed Dentitions.
2  Approaching Permanent Dentitions.
3  The Dynamics between the two.

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Taking a good look at the correction of the vertical dimension and the importance of the horizontal plane and its management.


1  Bite Closure.
2  The Horizontal Plane corrections.
3  Arch Wires and Intermaxillary Elastics.
4  Reduction of Arch Circumference.

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Finishing a case well with time and dedication. Tips and tricks to take note of. The importance of good records.


1  Extractions for Orthodontic reasons.
2  Surgical exposure and active eruption.
3  Handy utilities.
4  Finishing touches on final alignment.
5  Retention and Record Keeping.

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What makes our courses great?

Your Course Facilitator

DR Bert Botha

B.Sc, B.Ch.D (Pret)

Orthodontic Practitioner

MD, Chief Clinician and Principal Advisor of Orthologic Studio and Orthologic Systems

Short Curriculum Vitae

1959  |  Born in Pretoria, South Africa.
1976  |  Matriculated in the North-West Province.

1981  |  B.Sc. – Tukkies.
1986  |  B.Ch.D – (Cum Laude) Tukkies.

1986 – 2005  |  Private General Dental Practice.

2006 – Present  |  Practice limited to Orthodontics with a special interest in Interceptive Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics.

Currently, the Chief Clinician and Managing Director of Orthologic Studio (Private Orthodontic Practice finishing 500 – 700 cases per year) and Managing Director and Principal Treatment Advisor of family-owned Training-, Consulting Company and Custom Appliance Lab Orthologic Systems (Accepting and advising on close to 1000 cases per year submitted by Client Colleagues that became OLS Certified Practitioners through his Orthopaedodontic Training Programs). Both Companies are situated in Wellness World Corporate Park in Hartbeespoort, North West.

Presented several CPD accredited seminars on Early Treatment (especially Early Class II Treatment with Fixed Appliances) as well as annual Hands-on training courses in Interceptive Orthodontics with Fixed Appliances. Developed own range of Proprietary Fixed Orthopaedic Appliances (The Orthologics 4D System®). Conducting pioneering research on Facial Growth-Engineering through Orthologic Systems and occasionally performs as a guest speaker at Branch Meetings, Conferences and Schools.