Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of all the most common questions asked by prospective course attendees. We will be sure to keep it up to date and to give constant feedback regarding any topic that might spark your interest. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us any time during regular office hours or just send us an email after hours. We will reply as soon as possible or phone you back. Just let us know!

Yes. Our courses are currently only for Dental Practitioners / Dental Surgeons (DP). We are planning a separate and comprehensive course for Oral Hygienists (OH) and Registered Dental Assistants (DA) who would like to further their knowledge in the field of Orthopaedodontics and there is still more to come for Dental Students!

Your can do our Orthologics TM Courses every year as each series has yearly and unique accreditation number. We also aim to keep adding and expanding on our available Curriculum. We want to help Colleagues achieve their yearly CPD quotas effortlessly!

Our Orthologics Affiliates are Doctors that have completed our full 6 Month Orthopaedodontics Training Course with Hands-on and Clinical Days. These individuals have become “Certified Practitioners” by distinguishing themselves in this field. We keep in contact to further our knowledge and sometimes study more complex cases. Most of them consult us on a weekly basis with their own cases for treatment guidance, custom appliance fitting and online support. Having access to this sizeable network of Affiliate Practitioners, we now refer patients to them when we have requests from people who live too far from our sister practice and Training facility “The Ortho Studio” in Hartbeespoort. We are expanding this network every few months and are planning to identify Orthologics Partners that will form part of our company and treatment system.

We teach General Practitioners a type of Ortho that we would rather describe as “Orthopaedodontics” (Orthopaedics + Orthodontics). It is actually a special FACIAL GROWTH PROGRAM with two phases utilizing FIXED APPLIANCES first to promote Orthopaedic Jaw Correction and then only ends in Orthodontics. We also aim to finish cases with no tooth extractions and no jaw surgery.

All of our Orthologics Courses (including the free ones) are fully CPD accredited by Stellmed (Stellenbosch University Medical Division). You will always have access to your CPD certificates on your Course Profile for your convenience.

As long as you maintain a valid User Profile on Orthologics’ Website, all your bought and free Courses that you enrolled for will show your Videos, Course Slides, Study Notes, Certificates and Stats that will be available on your “My Account” page to download or to view.

Following the prescribed standard for CPD Courses, our tests are multichoice questions which makes it very easy and near instant to mark tests and post your results. No waiting periods or pending updates.

Yes you can! We have built the site to be simple to use and responsive to give you the ability to access all features on any device that has a good internet browser such as Brave, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. As long as you have a stable internet connection for viewing content and to stream our videos, you will be able to sign up and study our short (Blog) and online courses ANYWHERE!
For our Full 6 Month Training Program (“Orthopaedodontics – The 4 Dimentsions of Success”) there are however in-person Hands-on and Clinical Days that will have to be attended but the tests will still be written online at the Course Venue.

We are very passionate to help Medical Professionals have continuous access to great training and up to date information in the field of Early Interceptive Orthopaedodontics. We have a dedicated team of people that are loyal to this cause and eager to help with any requests and queries that you might have.