“Thank you so much! You changed my life!

“Thank you so much! You changed my life! I enjoy Ortho so much, it is so amazing and so great, I cannot explain the awesome change it made in my life”

-Dr. Wilmarie Kruger, Pretoria.

“I will forever be grateful for your guidance”

“I would like to share my experience that I had with Orthologics’ Orthopaedodontic Course founded and run by Dr Bert Botha. In the past, I have seen multiple children between the ages of 7-10 years old in my practice and I often could see that some sort of orthodontic intervention needed to take place sooner, rather than later, but I did not have the knowledge and confidence to treat these cases. I would often refer these patients to an orthodontist just to receive the same feedback time and time again – wait until all the permanent teeth have erupted and only then can we start looking at braces, extractions and worst of all, jaw surgeries.

This did not sit well with me and seeing the severe crowding, malalignment of the teeth and jaws, mouthbreathing, sinus problems and abnormal facial appearance to name a few, I knew that something had to be done earlier. I feel blessed to have come across Dr Bert Botha’s Orthopaedontic Course where he focuses on two phases of treatment. An early, interceptive phase where he focuses on using appliances to guide facial growth and expansion to create enough space needed for the permanent teeth to erupt into, as well as correcting any jaw malalignments that might be present. At a second phase, he focuses on straightening the teeth using traditional orthodontics to gently guide the teeth into their anatomically corrrect positions. 

Thank you Dr Botha for showing myself and many others the way – you are a pioneer in your field and the continuous feedback and collaboration that I have received from yourself and your staff, is nothing short of excellent. I will forever be grateful for your guidance.”

– Dr. Wian van der Walt, Brooklyn.

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